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MOMSICLES - Frozen Breastmilk On A Stick

Mini-momsicles    Variations for Older Babies

Have you heard of "Breastmilk Popsicles"? Lots of breastfeeding moms call them "Momsicles". They are easy to make, and most babies love them.

You can purchase a single Popsicle mold from the dollar store (the ones at Target had a pretty long stick & handle, and it might be hard for baby to handle), which holds 4 popsicles, for a dollar. After washing and rinsing well, pour expressed breastmilk into the mold and freeze. You can store these in the freezer above the fridge and offer them daily, every other day, every few days, or once a week.

If you find the regular popsicle molds to be "too big" or "too much" you can try the following to make Mini-Momsicles:

1) Freeze water about half way up on the popsicle mold, and then once it's frozen use wax paper, or saran and "layer" so you can break the water part off once the breastmilk is frozen. Once you have the layer poked in you can then pour the breastmilk and put the "stick" in & freeze.

2) Use the cap off of a Gerber bottle, and a pacifier. The one shown here (below) is an Evenflo "Natural Comfort" - which has no hard parts.

Fill the cap 2/3 or 3/4 of the way with ebm and stick the paci in.. then freeze. To release the frozen "pop", run hot water over cap for just a few seconds, the milk will "melt" a tad and release. Be sure not to hold under the water very long or the milk will melt too much

3) Freeze breastmilk in clean ice cube trays. Store the cubes in a heavy-duty FREEZER bag. Place a "cube" in a Baby Safe Feeder and let baby chew on it. Using the Baby Safe Feeder keeps the "cube" from being too slippery for baby to handle. Note that babies who have teeth may tear the net!

For babies who are are not quite old enough for solids, but are showing interest in what's going on around them during meals, momsicles are a great alternative to introducing solids too early. Teething babies really enjoy "chewing" on these, and it is also a healthy snack and a good way to get a little more breastmilk into a baby who may not be nursing well due to teething, distractibilty, or not feeling well.

Be aware there has been concern about momsicles being a choking hazard. PLEASE note momsicles should be made with breastmilk, and mothers should be aware of baby while they enjoy the momsicle, to avoid risk of choking. I have not ever had this happen, but it's always possible, so mothers please take precautions!

Also, momsicles "are" a little messy as they melt so you may want to use a bib on baby and you may want to have a "splat mat" on the floor if you have carpet in kitchen to catch the drips.

Abby 7.5 months

Variations For Older Babies:

Once baby starts solids, you can use yogurt, blend up some peaches, mixing with yogurt, breastmilk or just peaches & a bit of water or peach juice (no sugar added, if using canned peaches, use those in own syrup or light syrup, not in "heavy syrup" which has too much sugar) and freeze in the larger molds, or in the cubes and use a Baby Safe Feeder. (Remember babies with teeth may tear the net of the baby safe feeder) Any fruit or juice can be used to make a cold but healthy treat for a teething baby, or one who isn't feeling well and needs a bit of liquid/nourishment (great for sore throats!). Adding breastmilk makes these frozen treats super nutritious!

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